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Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights in the Sahel

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Human Rights in Africa (Africa: Progress and Problems)

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Public opinion research today focuses primarily on public Human Rights in Africa (Africa: Progress and Problems) surveys, or polls, although it is possible that new modes of measuring public opinion, including those centering around the analysis of available social media Human Rights in Africa (Africa: Progress and Problems), will increasingly be used in the years ahead.

Speech code enforcers, diversity councils and social justice committees are appearing everywhere from campuses to corporations and from facebook to twitter to enforce their ideologies and silence critics.

Keep your eyes open, speak out: we can fight the menace of corruption in Nigeria

The author believes that everyone wants to be free but none of us realize the real source of the anguished feeling of needing to be free. Allie, first the easy answer.

PANEL III: Human rights in Africa: Progress and regression

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Business & human rights in Africa: lots of talk, but little action